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Webalizer Site Statistics at In Computers Ltd - Included with your hosting package!

Webalizer Web Analytics

Webalizer - the best web statistics software available today!




Webalizer is a Web analytics system designed to enable businesses to easily analyze the traffic to their website(s) and create detailed, insightful, and intuitive reports. Basically, webalizer is a log-analysis program, but its sophisticated unique visitor reporting goes far beyond what was available up until now. webalizer represents more than 8 years of development, and is in our view the most advanced Web analytics package available today. Combining proven datacenter-class performance with unprecedented ease-of-use, webalizer is the best choice for businesses of all sizes.
The fast interactive and multilingual reporting interface with filtering, date range control, sorting, time series analysis, business-ready graphics, export capabilities, and built-in help.

Reports include:
  • Unique visitors and sessions, visitors and sessions by day, visitor loyalty, session frequency, and traffic summary
  • Sessions, pageviews, hits, bytes, and visitor summary
  • Requested pages, downloads, page query terms, posted forms, status and errors, hits and bytes downloaded per directory, file, and file type
  • Entrance pages, exit pages, click paths, click to and click from, length of pageview, depth of session, and length of session
  • Referrals, search terms, search engines, and referral errors
  • Domains, Countries, and IP addresses
  • Browsers, platforms, and robots
Have confidence in your data. webalizer is the most accurate web analytics product on the market today. How? By using both log files and cookie information. webalizer captures visitor parameters and true path data via the webalizer Tracking Module (UTM, included with your webalizer software), a client-side data collection component that transparently sends additional data back to the server and into the log file. The UTM uses a first-party cookie to overcome the effects of caches, proxies, and IP-recycling to provide the most accurate and complete reporting available from ANY analytics solution.



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