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Gallery - online photo gallery



A Gallery is a collection of photo albums. You can have as many Galleries as you want on your web server. Each gallery contains as many photo albums as you want. Configuration of Gallery and administration of the photo albums is done entirely via an intuitive, web interface. You don't need special privileges on your webserver to install, configure and maintain Gallery. It's free, and we (the Gallery team) support it. Gallery works with several different image processing toolkits and is available in over 30 languages!



Installation/Configuration Wizard

Gallery comes with a handy web based configuration wizard. This wizard helps to make sure that your web server and operating system are set up correctly (screenshot). It also allows you to configure many of Gallery's options while determining as much as it can from your environment (screenshot). The wizard lastly creates and admin account for you to administer your Gallery with. Later on if you want to change settings, you can run the configuration wizard and make changes without having to take down your Gallery.


You start off with only one user, the Administrator (login name:admin). This account can do anything with Gallery. Typically you'll want to use the admin to create other users (which can also be administrators if you want). Users can be granted permission to create and maintain their own albums on a per-album basis. Users can also self-register and sign up for e-mail notification when things in the Gallery change.


An album is a group of pictures and movies inside of a gallery. Albums can be nested inside of each other (screenshot) and can be customized on an individual basis. Albums can have specific permissions (screenshot) (ie, some users can modify it, some users can add to it, etc), and the album owner can grant permissions to different users. Albums can even be hidden to only allow logged in or specifc users access to even see that it exists.

An album's thumbnail defaults to a scaled version of the first image added but can be set to be all or part of any image in the album. Items in an album can be sorted based on date added, date captured, etc, and the whole album can be deleted, moved, or renamed. All captions for items in an album can be edited at once without having to click on each picture (screenshot). Comments can also be viewed in once place for easy review and moderation (screenshot). Additionally, if polling is enabled for an album, the results can be viewed by the album owner or optionally displayed at the top of the page.

Album can also be easily watermarked (watermarking every image in it) and customized by their owners in a variety of ways. You can change the title, colors, background, fonts, and borders. You can also specify a target thumbnail size and a target intermediate photo size (so that folks with lesser bandwidth can view scaled versions of big photos). The number of rows and columns in an album is customizable, as well as a variety of viewer options.


As you upload pictures, they will be automatically thumbnailed, added to your album, and have intermediate sized images created if needed. They can also be automatically watermarked if you have enabled this feature. Once photos are upload there are several things you can do to manage them:

  • Edit the title, caption, keywords, and other custom fields that you define.
  • Modify the thumbnail with java applet, selecting only part of the image to show.
  • Rotate the image in increments of 90 degrees.
  • Move the photo to a different place in the same album or a different album.
  • Hide the photo so that only the album owner or logged in users can see it.
  • Delete the photo.
  • Add a watermark of your choice to your photo.


Customizing The one thing you can't easily do right now is to change the layout from a grid format to something else. However, in v2.0 we plan to introduce a templating system that will let you write your own HTML to do customized themes and layouts (or use the ones that we and other users provide). You can find out more about MANY more customizations further down in the user guide underneath the Customization area

Visitor Experience

Users viewing your album can easily navigate around using the navigation bars at the top and bottom of every album page. Each album can be given its own unique URL. Each photo within the album in turn has its own unique URL. You can use these URLs to get directly to a specific photo from outside the Gallery (useful when you want to email photo links to a friend). In addition to this, the album owner can allow the user to use the following features:

  • Languages - Gallery supports over 30 languages and you can choose which language you want to have and how they are presented to the user. The language can be automatically detected by Gallery from the user's browser configuration, or the user can be presented with a drop down box or pictures of flags to select a language. (screenshot)
  • Fit-to-window Images - If a visitor has a supported browser, Gallery can dynamically resize images to make them as large as possible while still fitting inside of the visitors browser window.
  • Full or Resized Images - Visitors can choose if they want to see the full size images or scaled versions.
  • Print Photos - Gallery supports several photo-printing services which allow visitors to order prints of pictures in your gallery.
  • Keyword Searching - Visitors can search a gallery for text in Picture and Album descriptions and optional fields.
  • EXIF Headers - Gallery can read information embedded in the exif headers of jpegs. Digital Cameras and some photo editing programs use these headers to store information about how and when pictures were taken or created. (screenshot)
  • Click Counting - Gallery keeps track of how many times albums and pictures are viewed and displays them on your Gallery so that you know which items are most popular.
  • Public Commenting - Visitors can comment on pictures and other visitors can view them. Logged in users with the proper permissions can delete comments and view all of them on one page. (screenshot)
  • Polling - The owner of an album can choose to include a poll where visitors can vote on which image they think is the best, or what they think of every image. Results can be displayed at the top of the album or only to the album owner. (screenshot)
  • Slideshow - Visitors can view the pictures and, if configured, pictures in subalbums, as either a slideshow inside of the browser window or as a full screen slideshow. (screenshot)
  • Album Tree - A tree of all albums and subalbums with clickable links to them can be displayed on the front page of your Gallery to provide quick and easy access to all of the albums. (screenshot)


    How it all works!


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