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CRM for Sales Managers

Provide your sales team with one point of access to data and tools
Dashboard view of your sales teams performance and pipeline
Manage sales cycles
Determine effectiveness of campaigns and lead sources
Gain valuable knowledge into customer behavior and buying patterns
Assign tasks, cases and opportunities to specific team members

CRM Features for Sales Reps

Profile your Accounts and Contacts
Manage opportunities and sales stages
Schedule Meetings and notes
Track activities, cases, and files
Track calls and e-mail's
View your performance


XRMS CRM packages   Need a Hosted CRM application?
Open Source CRM software   Have a mobile sales force?
web based CRM XRMS for your call center   Outsourcing your call center?
online XRMS CRM   Integrating Sales & Service Reps?

Provide real time access to accurate data
Enable real time reporting process
Manage teams and activities
Accelerate sales initiatives
Monitor sales cycle progression
Measure call center performance



Featuring XRMS CRM Customer Relationship Management software.


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What is CRM?

The new buzzword in town, CRM - Customer Relationship Management solutions are a new technology which allow companies to interact with hundreds and thousands of clients in the same manner which we could fifty years ago. By that we refer to the relationship the local grocer, or restaurant had with his/her clients - a personal one to one relationship - where he/she remembers your name, your likes and dislikes and in the same analogy, when you'll need to buy new groceries.

The process is designed to help sales managers, anticipate and support the future needs of customers while allowing the organization to build a marketing strategy using up to date information about their customers, sales channels & pipeline and current customer facing issues. Through its web based interface it allows geographically dispersed sales and marketing teams  to manage the customer experience and interaction by tracking contacts, accounts,  sales opportunities, activities, notes, tasks .. and more.


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